· Bodyguards ·

Bodyguards are specially recruited for being highly motivated and professional. If possible in any way we work in permanent teams so our team members will learn about and work with each other and will therefor be able to back each other up.

The most VIPís want complete and full protection without being isolated. Our employees will therefor guarantee, in any situation, the safety of our clients. Depending on your wishes, they will be wearing a tuxedo, a more friendly outfit, a suit or even clothing specially designed by you, meaning we could be very present or hardly visible.

Everyone of our bodyguards are most discrete and only work according to a special safety method, almost invisible, though very effective.

It will be clear that we can an will offer a wide and excellent range of services to all our clients.

Of course all our employees will be sure to arrange everything desired:

· Booking a chamber in an hotel

· Making reservations for a conference-room

· Making reservations in a restaurant

· Being in receipt and accompaniment of visitors

Also see Privat Chauffeurs and VIP Accompaniment

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